Who we are

Established in 1999, Fortmount Trading Ltd grew from a simple concept between two business partners serving the local market to the multinational business it is today. Now a credible market leader in the industry we are a specialist of beers, wine, spirits, refillable spirits, branded confectionery and duty free products. At Fortmount Trading, we are proud to be a preferred supplier and market expert for our customers, primarily serving large number of satisfied customers across European markets, Far East, Africa, Australia and Asia. We deliver goods around the Europe, Asia, Africa and America and can quote prices to any port.

With strong traditional values at the core of the business, Fortmount prides itself on providing a dedicated customer service driven by our specialist product knowledge and strong understanding here of the local market requirements

Distribution Locations

Based in the UK, Fortmount Trading Ltd. is a London based company. We deliver from a bonded warehouse in Europe to all over the world.

Company Specialities

Our branded malt whiskies and other hard liquor determine the reliability of the quality of our goods, and we trade in branded wines from all over the world, as well as specialise in beers of the world specifically from the UK – both cans and bottles (our 70cl refillable spirits are a popular demand from us).



At Fortmount Trading we have a commitment towards excellence. These are underpinned by our 3 core values:

Customer focused

To deliver a winning customer experience, end to end. We endeavour to exceed our customers’ expectations and listen to them to deliver a consistently exceptional service


To deliver quality results against a credible service. We operate with integrity and work hard to achieve common goals.

Mutual Trust

We favour relationships built on mutual trust and transparency of communication.

Why us?

In addition to providing an exceptional customer service, we provide competitive pricing, and you can be assured of the authenticity of our goods given the extensive due diligence carried out by us. We endeavour to work to your time frames and deliver according to your commitments and requirements. We are flexible in our approach and work together with you to understand your needs to achieve success.

Offer / Request

Please contact us with your requirements, we can only supply to verified companies who pass our stringent due diligence procedure. All orders must be of minimum 1 truck per product, most products can be mixed. We can only supply under-bond in leading warehouses only.

Fortmount Trading Ltd
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Mill Hill
London, NW7 4RS, UK

E-mail: Info@fortmount.com

Tel: +44 (0)20 8201 1205